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USB Tower Fan No Leaf


Mini Bladeless Fan No Leaf Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Cooling Fan

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Small fan that can cool air up to 30F. This revolutionary evaporative cooling fan is the closest thing to a hand held mini air conditioner! Use it outdoors or keep it indoors as a desk fan. Provides gentle cool breeze. Uses evaporative cooling technology. Add water to soak the cooling filter. Ambient air is forced through the wet cooling filter and cools down. Works best in dry and hot climates. Fully portable and mobile, take it literally anywhere you want. Rotatable turbine wheel allows adjustment of the cool breeze of air. Humidifies air - makes breathing comfortable and alleviates allergies. Variable power control. Stands by itself on any flat surface. Comfortable adjustable leather strap. nolly designed, user-friendly, and easy to use. Environmentally friendly.
Battery is NOT included!

1.100%Brand New and High quality
2.Can cool air up to 30F, Provides gentle cool breeze
3.Our cooling fan utilizes a 30db whisper-soft turbine system. The perfect desk fan for the office or Outdoor Living.
4.Uses evaporative cooling technology
5.Works best in dry and hot climates
6.nolly designed, user-friendly, and easy to use. Environmentally friendly.
7.Blade-less fan
8.Blows a cool breeze on you where ever you go.
9.Fan speed adjustable

Size:16.5 x 7.8 x 5.0 cm
Package weight:10.2 0z/289g
4xAA batteries allow 5 hours portable operation.
Connect to USB (cable included) for continuous operation.
Includes dedicated 60ml water bottle, USB cable and 1x cooling filter.
Best for hot flashes, home and office use, camping, outdoor sports, play the game, and more. Mere 12oz with batteries loaded!
Cooling filter life expectancy: 1 year. Patent-pending.

How to use it:
Installing the cooling filter
1)Turn the unit OFF
2)Remove the filter cover together with the cooling filter by pushing on the top lever and pulling outwards
3)(First time use:Remove filter from cover. Soak the cooling filter under tap water and massage thoroughly with soap.
Treat this is sponge-material filter with care. Don not apply vigorous force while washing.)
4)If residual water from previous applications remain on the filter remove the filter from the cover, then squeeze out any residual water from the cooling filter
5)With the cooling filter placed on the cover lying flat as depicted below, fill water bottle included with either tap distilled or mineral water, then pour 30ml evenly and slowly throughout the surface.
6)Replace the filter recover together with the filter by inserting with bottom pivot first, then pushing the cover towards the main unit to lock close
A single dial on the side of the housing controls the main power and air speed of the air cooler
1)To turn the unit On, rotate the dial away from the Off stop.
2)Rotate until the desired speed is reached
3)Turn the air duct to adjust output direction
4)Re-soak the filter (see installing the cooling filter)when reduced cooling is experienced. Open the cover and touch the cooling filter to confirm the sponge is dried. Timing will vary according to use and ambient environment (approx. 1/2 hours to three hours)

Package included:
Choice 1:
1 x Handheld Mini Air Conditioner Fan USB Portable Cooler
1 x USB cable
1 x 65ml water bottle
1 x Water-cooled sponge
1 x User’s Manual

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